How Tanner J Fox Makes $80,000 Per Month On Amazon FBA

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It’s is video no.2 from my collaboration with Tanner J Fox.
Today we would like to share with you some of the strategies that Tanner uses in his business that have brought him so much success. As 22 year old he got into position to make $80k per month with Amazon FBA.

This is just first part of interview on Amazon FBA, so stay tuned for part no.2 where we would go more into specifics of all strategies.

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33 Replies to “How Tanner J Fox Makes $80,000 Per Month On Amazon FBA”

  1. Shinny object, shinny object, shinny object,….. squirrel! The take away here is and is re-enforce by all the great videos, is there’s plenty of opportunity to make a living. The trick is to pick one and stick with it.

  2. Yeah Tanner! Awesome bloke, he’s the reason I finally made the jump into online business this year.

  3. I tried FBA a couple of years ago. I remember going down to Walmart with their little scanning app and finding items on sale for $18 that were listed on Amazon for $35. By the time I paid for shipping to an Amazon center, their storage/handling fee, listing fee, commissions and paying to ship for free, I walked away with like $1 or $2 dollars. And that was with an 100% return item. I don’t get how they do it. But I’m sure for a price, they’ll teach me how.

    1. You were doing what we call Online Arbitrage, searching products on Walmart, Target etc and sending for an redirectioner, so that the profit is ridiculous. He is doing a kind of Private Label from China. Here you are the difference.

    2. Kyle Dulay your wrong you can make money from walmart. Full time income. He’s sourcing wrong if its 18 to make 1. You can’t say its not possible. He’s just doing it wrong. To each its own

    3. You can make money sourcing from big box stores. The key is how to source it cheaper than retail and if I will sell. That is all I will say.

    4. you need to go somewhere a little better than Walmart for a start… oseas for example, go where Walmart goes… most companies go asia its no secret !

    1. you always run for money that’s why you not getting any more subscriber’s if you give this course for free to people, then it might lot extra people know you and follow you for a reason, and by the way the video you make it all sucks i subscribe your channel for a year i did’t get any profit.

  4. If you noticed, at the beginning of the interview, Tanner’s shirt didn’t have any waves.. it was a completely calm scene of ocean water.

  5. Let’s be real here tho — he’s making it sound like it super easy and all you really need to do is put in a hour a month ? Lol … I don’t think that’s very accurate lol

    1. venise richardson he said once you HAVE SUCCES its literally a hour a month all you have to do is send a message to your supplier saying : Send me some unit Bro.

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