Make a Decision | 2018

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This video is a combination of some of my travels throughout 2017. Shots are taken from:
– My office in Beverly Hills
– Las Vegas
– Valley of Fire National Park, Nevada
– Mammoth Mountain, California
– Convict Lake, California
– Catalina Island
– etc.

Shots were done using a Panasonic GH5 and drone shots were done using a DJI Mavic Pro 1/2.

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30 Replies to “Make a Decision | 2018”

  1. nice video. really surprised comments aren’t disabled, though. somebody must do some serious policing of this comment thread. seriously, 142k views and only 15 comments – all praise. that’s a little odd… i just wanted to say that “docile corporate servitude” (not sure if those were your exact words [won’t watch video again]) or paying to learn your one weird trick that makes millionaires hate you (again, probably not your exact words) aren’t the only two options out there.

    1. Ironically, he also states he is a Senior Fellow AT a billion-dollar company in Los Angeles. So now he trains other docile corporate servants how to be better corporate servants.

    1. thats the equivalent of the government giving away money to people trying to help them get out of poverty. Sounds good in theory, but in practice it doesnt work.

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